PAX-it! Database and Storage System

PAX-it images are stored in an electronic filing system which contain cabinets and folders; items that you are already familiar with. Complicated filenames like "C:\IMAGES\MYPIC\PIC3743.BMP" are a thing of the past. You may save your images into different cabinets which contain 30 folders. Each folder contains the icons or "thumbnails" for the images that are stored inside the folder. You may also title each cabinet and folder so that the organization of your images is made easy.


You have many different cabinets that you may title


Each cabinet drawer contains 30 folders



"Thumbnails" provide a visual directory for each image in a folder

Besides the comprehensive databasing tools for archiving files with pertinent tags, PAX-it allows additional ways to place information on your images for communicating with others:

PAX-it! Database

A powerful industry standard relational database is hard at work beneath our simple image filing system. Search, sort and organize your images according to descriptive fields which fit your specific needs.

A standard ODBC database interface means unlimited power. PAX-it's simple interface means it's easy to use! You can define as many data fields as you need, and establish lookup tables for each field.
Some of the features include:

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