PAX-it! Enhanced Measurement

The PAX-it Enhanced Measurement Module provides all of the tools of the database and archival software as well as all of the measurement capabilities of the Basic Measurement Module. in addition to these powerful tools, you will also have tools to perform grainsizing, area percentages and nodularity measurement. Simple wizard interface simplifies the process
Storage of settings allows construction of standardized, user defined wizards for repeat analyses
Include or exclude holes in objects

enhanced tools
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The Enhanced Module includes all Basic Module features plus:

Nodularity & Ferrite/Pearlite Wizard
Grainsizing Wizard
User Defined Wizards
  • User defines the values to be used in the assay
  • Entire image or a specific region of interest in the image may be used for analysis
  • Settings may be restored, allowing for repeatability
  • Easy step by step wizard 
  • Usable at any magnification
  • Uses a choice of ASTM standard assays
  • User may manually adjust the automated settings
  • Construct your own analytical routines, and save them to be applied to new samples
  • Adjust routines manually to accommodate differences in samples or lighting

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