PAX-it! Videoconferencing System


The PAX-it Realtime Videoconferencing tools are offered as an optional add-on module to the base PAX-it capture unit. PAX-it RealTime is a telemicroscopy solution that sends a live video view from your microscope's camera while connected in a face-to-face videoconference with another site.  PAX-it Realtime has proven itself as an invaluable tool for Quality Control labs and in Telepathology applications.

PAX-it Realtime can use a single ISDN line up to a full T1 line or a H.323 network connection with addressable IP to send a live video view from your microscope's camera. High resolution still shots can be sent anywhere in the world in as little as 10 seconds, and whiteboarding on the images is supported. The PAX-it database allows all videoconferencing materials to be archived at both sites.

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