Video Text Generator PVI-100

    Video marking is an exciting technology which allows you to draw and point on video or computer images. Pointmaker video markers are powerful because they help you to make your point, sell your idea, and communicate much more effectively. Presenters can circle image details for emphasis, underscore important points, and diagram key moves in a sports play or other event.

    Pointmaker puts impact in your hands and a little "zap" to your video presentations, with brightly colored lines and markers that are much more powerful then a dot of light from a laser pointer, the profile of a stick, the tip of a pencil, or the shadow of a finger.

    Pointmaker capabilities range with each model to suit various budgets and applications. The Video Text Generator PVI-100 provides drawing, positioning of markers, and allows you to type on video images. Pointmaker marker types include arrows, cross hairs, sizable circles, and boxes.

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