Video Measuring System VIA-110

    Used with a hardness tester, the VIA-110 provides the capability to measure an indentation using vertical and horizontal measuring lines. A Knoop, Vickers, or Brinell hardness value is automatically determined. With the knob controller, up to 500 of these values can be entered into a statistics table, which displays the count, mean, standard deviation, range, high, and low hardness values. Ten calibrations may be stored and used for multiple measurements. Approximate conversions to Rockwell B or C can also be displayed. A labeling option features magnification. In Brinell mode, label information also includes the ball diameter. The VIA-110 has RS-232 output so that users can transmit ASCII data of measurements and statistics to printers or computers. Special RS-232 for output to Mitutoyo SPC products is accommodated as well. Available with a joystick or knob controller.

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