Video Measuring System VIA-170

    The VIA-170 combines all the measurement features of the VIA-100, except that instead of on-screen menus, operators simply press a keyboard function key to activate a measuring function, with all the marking features of the VIA-30 and VIA-70. Along with X,Y,XY, point-to-point, angle, and circle measurement modes, the VIA-170 offers an elapsed time mode to track on-screen events and can display path length. This product can also calculate the area of a cell or shape, measure the long and short cords of a cell or object, count cells or particles, and group the cells or particles into 10 different categories. A statistics table displays the count, mean, standard deviation, range, high, and low readings for up to 500 measurements. A security menu allows users to protect overlays and calibrations from inadvertent changes. The VIA-170 is the product of choice when an image requires measurement and then quick or extensive typewritten labeling for video prints or other recording. The VIA-170 comes standard with a keyboard; an optional joystick or knob controller may be used simultaneously with the keyboard, as can an optional light pen, mouse pen, or mouse.

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