pic VIA-300 Windows based Measuring, Archiving and Transmittal

pic The VIA-300 software provides a PC-based software solution for archiving and retrieving images with information such as text and voice messages, sharing that information, measuring point-to-point dimensions and hardness indents, creating overlays and adding annotation. System comes installed in new PC from Boeckeler with a KS-30 knob controller and knob controller card. Numerous calibration settings can be stored and applied as appropriate for accurate measurements. Measurement results can be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis and reporting. The software provides thumbnail browsing or keyword searching to locate images. Images can be saved with or without the measurement/marker overlay and exported in many standard formats, including TIFF, BMP, or JPEG.

Overlays are completely customizable and can be positioned to use as a go/no go gage or for quick inspection or alignment of parts. There is also a split-screen feature to compare a live image to a stored image. Users can tag features in specific categories and count them in up to 10 different categories.

Lines can be displayed in one of 10 different line patterns. Markers, text, and measurement lines may be displayed in different colors or shades for optimal contrast with the video image. Cross-lines can also have an open or closed intersection and can be auto-centered. Reference circles can be sized and positioned for a quick comparison of objects or cells to a standard. The current date and/or time may be displayed anywhere. VIA-300 stores unlimited marker overlays -- simple to complex.

Optional knob controller with card allows quick and precise positioning of measurement lines that is the hallmark of other Boeckeler VIA measuring products. Optional light pen with card allows quick and precise positioning of markers that is the hallmark of other Boeckeler VIA measuring products. Optional digitizing tablet allows quick and precise positioning of markers. Freehand draw or write over the video image with choice of three different line thicknesses, using an optional light pen or other mouse device.

Networking capability allows multiple users to share the database. Images may be retrieved or posted anywhere in the network, without exiting the systems. FTP access and E-mail are available from within the system. Print to any Postscript or inkjet printer that uses a Windows 95/98 driver. Video input and output available with one of two Coreco Ultra II frame grabbers and one of three FlashPoint Intrigue frame grabbers; NTSC composite, S-Video (Y/C) and RGB. Compatible with Intel/486 or higher PCs having 32 MB RAM, SVGA monitor, and Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 or higher operating system. Additional computer software requirements include MS Office Pro with Access database software, and Microsoft Outlook or Exchange E-mail software.

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