VIA-30J Video Crosshair Generator

pic Boeckeler's VIA-30J video crosshair generator is the ideal tool to generate reference lines. Once the lines are visible, you can use them to quickly measure dimensions, align or center objects, or do quick comparisons. The generator produces verical lines, horizontal lines or crossed lines. Each line has ten settings for patterns: solid fine, medium or bold; dotted fine or bold; dashed fine, medium or bold; scaled fine or bold and adjustments of grey level from white to black.. Open or closed intersections are also choices available for creating an overlay. X and Y coordinates are displayed on the screen to optimize repeatability. All menus are available on the screen and accessed via a joystick controller.

Compatible with all monochrome RS-170 and color NTSC cameras through a composite connection. Also compatible with Boeckeler's RGB and Y/C interfaces which provide color marker overlays.

S pecifications

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