VIA-S70 Measuring, Marking, Archiving and Transmittal

The VIA-S70 Windows-based archiving and transmittal software with marking capabilities is designed for the professional who needs a simple way to store images, transmit them over the Internet or local area network (LAN), mark details, or circle an area of interest.

The VIA-S70 can also print the image with or without the VIA marker overlay. The VIA-S70 is designed to grab an image using a frame grabber, or a TWAIN compatible device, such as a digital camera or scanner. The software can also operate without a camera or a scanner when images are created and displayed on screen with another application.

Marking features include pointers, scales, grids, boxes, circles, crosslines, freehand drawing, straight line drawing, and text labeling. The VIA-S70 software also allows users to query its database of stored images by descriptive fields or use a thumbnail search. Transmit the image along with overlay, text, and voice information to another computer for review, inspection, examination or comparison. Clip all or part of an image and insert it into a document or presentation. E-mail, network, or link by modem to share important information.

The VIA-S70 is compatible with Intel/486 or higher PCs having 32 MB RAM, SVGA monitor, and a Windows 95/98 operating system, or Windows NT 4.0 or higher. Additional computer software requirements include MS Office Pro with Access database software, and Microsoft Outlook or Exchange E-mail software.

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