Quadra-Chek QC-4000

Click to EnlargeIntroducing Quadra-Chek 4000-- the Windows-based system that thinks with you, to simplify, accelerate, and enhance measurement. Supercharging your toolmaker's microscope, video inspection machine, or optical comparator.

    Powerful, resourceful, and PC-based, Quadra-Chek 4000 from Metronics sets a new standard for cost-effective, productive measurement. Metronics perfected the "smart box" DRO. The QC-2000 and QC-3000 Series quickly became the tools of the choice for rapid, multiple-axis measurements. Now with this unique new Metronics system, you can significantly accelerate and automate part inspection and tolerancing, and maintain the highest QC standards more easily than ever before.

    The Quadra-Chek 4000 isn't just smart. It actually "thinks" along with the operator, integrating real intelligence with menu-based simplicity. A graphics-rich user interface is your window on measurements that are simple, sure, and accurate. It's also intuitive and self-teaching. Context-sensitive Help screens are always available. Quadra-Chek 4000 quickly guides the user through even the most complex or tedious jobs. The Microsoft Windows environment allows multitasking functionality such as CAD interface and data export. This is a system whose advanced technology never gets in the way-- and never lets you lose your way.

    Whatever your requirements, new or retrofit, the advanced Quadra-Chek 4000 is the system to offer you a "window" on easily accessible productivity improvement. Which is why it's truly the shape of the future in QC measurement.

    Mouse-driven, with simple pull-down menus that let you simply "click" your choice of options, (no "feature keys" to memorize), Quadra-Chek 4000 puts the operator at ease. You can instantly size and position the functional windows on the user interface to your requirements. Then start capturing precise measurements-- point, line, circle, arc, relationship functions, distance, and angle. Built-in Quadra-Chek 4000 features let you visualize the work as you measure, while powerful options enhance part throughput and further automate inspection. The Quadra-Chek 4000 Series is available in 2-, 3-, and 4-axes configurations.

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