Utilizing the newest concept in printer technology and media, the CP-700DSU is a Digital, roll-type dye sublimation providing high speed, high resolution color output at a low operating cost. The economical CP-700DSU delivers approximately 200 4.3" x 4.2" S size prints per roll and 125 6.4" x 4.3" L size prints per roll. Incorporating a high density 260 dpi printhead, the CP-700DSU produces exceptionally sharp images with the fastest print time for any roll-type printer (approximately 25 seconds for 4.3" x 4.2" paper). It is an excellent choice for variety of demanding, high resolution applications such as medical, digital photography, security, amusement, and industrial inspection. The CP-700DSU comes with a SCSI interface, SCSI terminator, and optional MS-Windows 95 software driver. It can also accept 4 panel media with laminated coating for superior photographic quality and is offered in a compact unit size for easy integration into any environment.

    The CP-700DSU color dye sublimation thermal transfer printer utilizes roll-type media for maximum performance at minimum operating cost. For the ultimate in cost efficient, high resolution image quality, the printer of choice is Mitsubishi's CP-700DSU. Key features include:

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 Model CP-700DSU
Print Method Dye Sublimation thermal transfer
Dot Density 260dpi
Resolution 1024 x 768 dots max./S size
1340 x 1024 dot max./L size 
Printable Colors 16.7 million colors (256 level gray scale)
Interface SCSI
Memory 1 frame (4 Mbytes)
Paper Size                                  Image Size
4.3 x 4.2"(110 x 107mm)     3.9 x 3.0" (100 x 75mm)
6.3 x 4.3"(161 x 110mm)     5.1 x 3.5" (130 x 100mm)
Ink Cartridge Type PK-700S (S size ink)
PK-700L (L size ink)
Printing Speed
S size
L size
Approx. 25 sec/sheet (high speed)
Approx. 39 sec/sheet (high speed)
Voltage AC 120V, 60Hz
Optional Software Drivers MS-Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0
Macintosh Photoshop plug-in
Weight Approx. 31.9 lbs (14.5kg)
Power consumption Approx. 160 W at printing
( W x D x H )
11.0" x 15.7" x 5.9" (280 x 399 x 150 mm)

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