CNC Video Measuring System Veritas VM-250V

Click to Enlarge A measure of excellence: the Nikon Veritas VM-250V and the dedicated Quadra-Check 5300NLS. The new VM-250V which boasts a longer stage stroke now joins the VM-150 as part of the Veritas series of CNC Video Measuring Systems. The Veritas VM-250V enables operators to measure parts automatically. Main body and stage combine seamlessly with the customized QC-5300NLS measuring software to give the Veritas series its unique capability. The total system that's easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle your most advanced measuring tasks.

Windows based system for easier user-friendly operations.
Programmable 10x zoom control with 5-step magnification.
Versatile illumination techniques and video-based AF by program control.
Multi-gray-level scale to determine edges.
Greater throat depth for larger stages.
Multitasking functionality, such as CAD interface and data export for SPC.

The Nikon VERITAS family of video-based metrology solutions combines an unsurpassed optical system and precision staging with the measuring power of Metronics Quadra-Chek QC5300NLS software. These two world-renowned leaders in quality control and quality assurance have set a new standard in dimensional inspection. Models VM-150, VM-250 and VM-500 share the same optics, CNC controller and QC5300NLS Windows-based operating system. The following features define a powerful metrology system solution.

F eatures

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Standard Features

        10" x 8" x 6" Measuring Envelope (250mm x 200mm x 150mm).
        10:1 Zoom Range from 27X to 270X.
        Programmable 5 Step Zoom.
        Programmable Illumination.
        Up to six channels of illumination including profile, contour and TTL oblique.
        CNC controller and illuminator supplies isolated from main body.
        0.4 micrometer resolution Linear Encoder Scales.
        Programmable 3-axis joystick with integral precision trackball for fine positioning.
        Programmable Video brightness and contrast.
        Automatic Edge Detection.
        Windows 95 (or higher) operating system.
        Pattern Recognition
        2D~2.5D~3D Measurements
        Quadra-Chek QC5300NLS Software (Metronics Inc.).
        Field of View Measuring.
        Multidatum Programs.
        Real Time Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).
        Image archiving.
        Programmable Security Locks.
        Report Wizard custom report generator.
        CAD Import and and Export (.DXF Format).
        B&W or Color Video.

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