Stereoscopic Microscope TMS/TMS-F

Click to Enlarge    Go ahead. Take your pick of Nikon's TMS-series inverted microscopes. Which ever choice you make, precise imagery is yours in the many years to come. Because both the TMS and TMS-F offer you those intangible features no other microscope can... Nikon optical quality and mechanical reliability.

   Both the TMS and the TMS-F inherit the performance-proven optics of the Nikon Diaphot TMD; they use the same type of optical path. The main body incorporates only one reflection surface, so optical performance is always at a peak level. Complementing this is a 20W halogen lamp for the brightest, most precise images-- even in the 40x phase contrast mode.

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** Nikon TMS-F with mechanical stage shown in picture.

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