Digimicro Digital Length Measuring System

These photoelectric digital length meters can perform contact measurements of dimensions, thickness and depth in a given workpiece. Minimum measurable value can be selected between 0.01µm and 0.1µm. Fluctuations of reading values by the operator are eliminated, improving productivity in measurements.


   Accurate Digital Readout in Submicrons with Easy Operation 

   The Nikon Digimicro is an extremely efficient and accurate photoelectric digital length measuring system. It can easily measure the overall dimensions, thickness and depth of a variety of precision-machined objects. Ultrahigh measuring accuracy provides precise measurement with quick, easy readout of digital values, eliminating reading error and variations caused by individual operators. 


        Superior measuring accuracy 
        All parts of the system from the optical linear scale which acts as measurement standard, to the digital counter with its own built-in microcomputer, are products of Nikon's super reliable, integrated precision technology, manufactured under exacting quality control standards. 

        Easy to operate 
        The compact measurement head is designed to ensure easy vertical or horizontal installation. This makes it possible to satisfy a wider variety of measuring requirements. 

        Clear digital readout 
        The counter for the Digimicro system is compact, with an easy-to-read green fluorescent display. 

   These Digimicros are superior in both features and performance. Two Digimicro models are available. The MF-1001 has a 100 millimeter measuring length and the MF-501 has a 50 millimeter measuring length. 

   Two counters are available for these units: the MFC-101 and the TC-101. The MFC-101 mounts directly to either Digimicro or can be used as a stand-alone counter. The MFC-101 has resolution settings of 1.0µm, 0.5µm, and 0.1µm. The TC-101 is a stand-alone model that has resolution settings of 5.0µm, 1.0µm, 0.5µm, 0.1µm, and 0.01µm. 

   Both readouts have RS-232C output capabilities. A variety of stands and accessory probes are available. 


Digital Micrometers Accuracy
MF-100: 3µm 100mm 
MF-50: 1µm 50mm 
MH-15M: 0.7µm 15mm 

The MFC-10 can be attached to the head or placed outside.TC-101 can be used with old-type digital micrometers and rotary encoders. The minimum readable value is selectable in five steps. 


Stand Specifications
  Platform material Stage dimensions
MS-11C Ceramic 110 x 110 mm
MS-21 Steel 150 x 150 mm
MS-31G Granite 120 x 180 mm
MS-4G Granite 400 x 300 mm
MS-5C Ceramics ø100 mm
It is also possible to place the object being measured on a large platform, and make measurements using the lower surface as a reference.

Main unit + counter MF-1001 + MFC-101
Measurement range  0-100 mm 
Minimum reading  0.1µm can be switched to 0.5µm or 1µm 
Accuracy (20 ¼ ¾C)  3µm 
Response speed  500 mm/sec. or less 
Measuring force  Down direction 125 to 185gf (variable to about 45gf); 
lateral direction 65 to 125gf 
External output  RS-232C and dedicated printer output 
Operating temperature  0 to + 40°C 
Weight (main unit)  Approx. 610g (21.5 oz.) 
Main unit + counter MF-501 + MFC-101 MH-15M + TC-101
Measurement range  0-50 mm  0-15mm 
Minimum reading  0.1µm can be switched to 0.5µm or 1µm  0.01µm can be switched to 0.05µm or 0.1µm 
Accuracy (20°C)  1µm  0.7µm 
Response speed  500 mm/sec. or less  100 mm/sec. or less 
Measuring force  Down direction 115 to 165gf (variable to about 30gf);
lateral direction 65 to 125gf 
Up direction 25gf;
down direction 65gf;
lateral direction 45gf
*With lifting release 
External output  RS-232C and dedicated printer output 
Operating temperature  0 to + 40°C 
Weight (main unit)  Approx. 460g (16.2 oz.)  Approx. 140g (4.9 oz.) 

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