Polarizing Microscope Optiphot-2 Pol

Click to Enlarge    A true research-oriented polarizing microscope in the tradition of the Optiphot-2. All of the necessary functions required of polarizing microscopes are incorporated. With a long list of accessories and attachments, the Optiphot-2 can be custom fit to your application. By adding the optional Nikon FX Photomicrographic System, it becomes a high-quality photomicroscope.

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  Optiphot-2 Pol
Base Large, soft-touch painted armrest; stabilized built in transformer with voltage control; field diaphragm built in; 3 filter holders in lamphouse; auto photo button; LED light intensity indication.
Focusing mechanism & coaxial focusing knob Vertical stage movement via rack and pinion; coarse motion 12mm/rotation, fine motion 0.1mm/rotation; coarse drive torque adjustable.
Substage Circular dovetail centerable condenser mount; polarizer detachable, rotatable, click stop every 45o.
Resolving nosepiece Centering quadruple nosepiece interchangeable.
Eyepiece tube Trinocular "TP2" F/N 20; inclined 30o with built in, removable Bertrand Lens. 
Binocular "BP" F/N 18; inclined 30o with built in, removable Bertrand Lens. 
Binocular "BPJ" F/N 20; inclined 45o.
Intermediate tube Build-in focusable and centerable Bertrand Lens removable from optical path; built-in analyzer removable from optical path;  built-in depolarizer; vernier reading to 6'; DIN compensator slot.
Stage 160mm circular graduated stage, 1o increments and vernier reading to 6'; click stop every 45o.
Illumination Koehler system; pre-centered and pre-focused, 12V-100W LL halogen lamp.
Eyepieces CFWN 10x, CFWN 10xCM (with crosslines and micrometer)
Objective lenses CF Achromat P4x, P10x, P20x, P40x, P100x, CF P Plan 60x
Condenser Strain-free swing-out Achromat

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