Stereoscopic Microscope SMZ1/1B

SMZ 1/1B  The Nikon SMZ-1 and SMZ-1B zoom stereo microscopes offer legendary Nikon stereo performance at an affordable price.

    Developed to fit a variety of applications and OEM needs, these advanced-design stereo microscopes have the features and image quality you expect from Nikon.

    High-performance optics and a 6V/10W halogen illuminator deliver images with excellent contrast, resolution, and brightness. The SMZ-1 and SMZ-1B are human-engineered to allow long periods of operation without fatigue.

    Mechanical design is simple yet rugged for daily trouble-free operation in industrial, laboratory, and classroom environments. All controls are easy to use. Nikon's versatile modular approach allows the SMZ-1/1B to be easily adapted to various configurations such as stand, arm, or table mounting. Similarly, the illuminator can be fixed to the instrument stand, placed in a diascopic base, or attached externally for oblique lighting.

The SMZ-1/1B use a Nikon-designed twin-lens objective system inclined at 12o. Only the center of the lenses is used to provide the sharpest three-dimensional image and enable the operator to work more accurately and efficiently for prolonged periods without eye strain.

Specification Table

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