Profile Projector V-24B

Click to Enlarge     The Nikon V-24B, with a large 600mm diameter protractor screen and a heavy-duty linear encoder stage, allows you to handle a wider range of specimens, from the most minute and delicate to the heavy and bulky, which means an incredible range of industrial demands can easily be satisfied. Superb edge-to-edge definition and uniformity of magnification are just part of the outstanding features of the projection lenses. The illumination system is carefully designed to perfectly match the optics, and guarantee bright, clear images over the entire viewing screen. The Nikon V-24B. It all adds up to increased productivity with Nikon world-famous precision.

  • 600mm protractor screen maximizes edge-to-edge clarity and definition
  • Linear encoder stage 9V can handle heavy, bulky specimens.
  • Variable-speed motorized focus system for fingertip focusing control.
  • Ergonomic grouping of controls on front panel for easier operation.
  • Six magnification amounts from 5x to 200x.
  • All lenses are high power, par focal, and accurate.
  • Halogen illumination provides brighter images and easier focusing.
  • A vast range of accessories for flexibility and versatility.
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Type Vertical Optical Axis
Image Inverted and reversed
Screen Diameter 600mm; fine-grain ground glass with etched center crossline; 1-minute reading on built-in vernier; inclined 4o off vertical
Lens Mount 3-lens turret mount: screw type
Projection Lenses 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 200x
Magnification Accuracy +-0.05% for contour illumination, +-0.10% (200x) 
+-0.075% for surface illumination, +-0.15% (200x)
Illuminations Contour Illuminator: Telecentric for 5x to 20x; concentric for 50x to 200x; booster lens for 50x to 200x, 24V/150W halogen lamp, green filter provided 
Surface Illuminator: Vertical oblique surface illumination available, booster lens for 5x, 24V/150W halogen lamp, green filter provided
Stage 9V 
Surface Area: 610 x 290,, 
Stage Glass Dimensions: 330(W) x 200(D) x 10(T)mm 
Crosswise Travel: 225 x 100mm 
Reading: 0.001mm/0.00005" selectable by Digital Counter SC-112 
Loading Capacity: 30kg (66lbs.) 
Maximum Specimen Height: 250mm
Power Supply AC 100 ~ 120V (CSA), 220 ~ 240V (CEE), 240V (SAA)
Weight 240kg (530 lbs.)
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