TechniSpec is a software based optical inspection package designed to improve the productivity of companies'  manufacturing parts to precision tolerances. Critical, precise and complex measurements can be  made with out jigging, alignment or programming. TechniSpec puts the extreme power of machine vision software into a standard PC format suitable for short-run manufacturing or  product development. TechniSpec runs on a Window  NT PC and Helps those ISO9000 or similar quality  control environments guarantee  full traceability and documentation of each measurement. The intuitive interface makes it easy to capture and analyze images of parts. Virtually everything required to make even a complex measurement is in the form of a button or click-drag operation.

    TechniSpec has an unique Stencil Mode that enables key dimensions on many parts to be compared against a known good part or "Golden master". This powerful methodology shortens total inspection time by eliminating the need to input key dimensions- just let TechniSpec collect them from the golden master. TechniSpec can measure a sequence of parts placed randomly within the field of view- its powerful pattern recognition automatically and instantaneously rotates and aligns the part image. Best of all, TechniSpec is a packaged designed to be up and running, generating measurements, and improving your productivity in a matter of minutes- or hours- not days. No programming whatsoever is required to operate TechniSpec. Period.


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