Microscope Services

        A routine service of measuring optical instruments includes an overall cleaning; a thorough checking and cleaning of the optics; cleaning and adjustment with lubrication of the stage, micrometers, focusing units, etc.; checking and adjustment of the alignments and illumination system; calibration of each measuring axis or reticle with linear error correction, if available; and issuing a certificate of calibration.

        Please call Capra Optical, Inc. at (508) 650-9700 in order to schedule your calibrations. Mileage is billed at $0.55/mile round-trip. Drive time will be billed an additional charge of $50.00/hour round trip. Additional labor (routine repairs, setup, etc.) is also billed at $75.00/hour. Please have your P.O. number ready when you call to schedule. If you need our representative to bring bulbs for any of your units, please have the bulb product number handy when you call so we may add it to your purchase order.

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