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PAX-it! was designed to facilitate capturing, organizing, analyzing, and sharing high resolution images. After all, the most common reason to capture an image is to show it to someone else to communicate a process, an event, or an idea. Through the use of a simple "electronic filing system", millions of images can be effectively organized and shared throughout your work environment; whether within the same building or around the world. A powerful industry standard relational database runs beneath a simple image filing system. Search, sort and organize your images according to descriptive fields which fit your specific needs. Specific tools have been included in the software to make PAX-it an easy and effective means of sharing images and information with others, including annotation tools, report generation, networking, and web-based image sharing. PAX-it is about communicating with images, whether through the report generator, slide show presenter, e-mail, network or website...flexibility is built in with room to grow.

Key Features:

PAX-it can be used with a variety of cameras and scanners, and other input devices. Output is supported to digital and video printers, film recorders, projectors, and other imaging applications...on a standalone workstation or over your network.

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